Mobile Slicer


Start 3D Printing from your phone right now!

Why Use Mobile?

Everything Ready To Use

Get the presets for your 3D printer and start printing with best quality possible! You don't have to know about how to use or configure 3d printers!

Fully Local

Firs time ever use your 3D Printer with out using your computer. You can design in your iPad and slice using your iPad and print with it! You can even use the app without internet connection this way you don't have to wait for uploads and server queues.

Augmented Reality

You can reduce waste by preview your prints to scale before using any plastic.

Power of Cura always with you!

Import your preexisting cura profiles and connect to your octoprint server to start printing immediately

For 3D Printer manufacturers

Awesome Experience

Give your users an awesome experience out of the box! Even before opening the box

Get More Insight

Get statistics about your 3D printer users. Like failure rates and anonymous usage statistics.

Easy Connectivity

With small integration you can let your customers connect to your 3D printer with ease!

Happy Customers

Get more feedback and provide live support for your customers.

Great Unboxing Experience

Provide rich unboxing videos to your users. Everyone can start using 3D printers!

Great Prints From Your Printer

Provide great print settings to your customers. With only 3 presets you can give the best printing experience to your users!

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